Welcome the Huarong Chamber of Commerce to visit our company

2021-03-08 10:27

On March 3, 2021, 11 people including Jin Guangyao, Secretary General of Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan, Luo Juan, Minister of Membership, Yuan Li, Executive Vice President, Li Shengbiao, Vice President, and representatives of member companies visited our company.


Our chairman , Ms. Han Bin, general manager, Mr. Jin Pengyuan, and deputy general manager, Ms. Li Lei, etc. warmly received the visiting guests, and discussed some issues between industries.

First of all, Mr. Jin Pengyuan , our general manager , introduced the basic situation and main business of Donghua Supply Chain Company, and introduced in detail the services and help that our company can bring to the Chamber of Commerce. Donghua supply chain willing to open their own resources, sharing of resources and the Chamber of Commerce of Hunan Huarong Dongguan City, together, total development aid.

▲Mr. Jin Pengyuan, General Manager of Donghua Supply Chain

At the symposium, Donghua Supply Chain Chairman Han Bin extended a warm welcome to all the guests present! Afterwards, Mr. Han shared her entrepreneurial experience. Mr. Han has been deeply involved in the manufacturing field for 24 years and founded Donghua for 16 years. Because of her original intention to serve 10,000 manufacturing companies, she has developed from a few-person customs declaration company to a comprehensive supply. Chain service companies have also attracted many talents from the supply chain industry to join Donghua Supply Chain to better serve the manufacturing industry.


President Han said that Dongguan Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce provides various member companies with assistance in communication and growth and development. It is a very good and positive platform. Donghua Supply Chain is also willing to provide free diagnosis for the Chamber of Commerce Developer Academy (free for its companies to attend classes) and for its companies. At the same time, Donghua will also provide high-quality products and efficient services for enterprises in need.

Then Mr. Jin Guangyao , Secretary-General of Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan City, introduced us to the basic situation of the Chamber of Commerce and the original intention of the Chamber of Commerce He said that by visiting Donghua Supply Chain Company today, he learned about the business and future development direction of Donghua Supply Chain. He believes that Donghua Supply Chain is a good platform and the business school of Donghua Supply Chain is in the course The training can bring great help to the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce. I hope that there will be more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation in the future to strengthen learning and exchange what is needed. 

▲ Secretary-General Jin Guangyao shared


At the symposium Ms. Wang Zhixian, Mr. Li Yiyun, Mr. Liu Huan, Mr. Zeng Yafu, directors of the Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan , as well as Ms. Luo Weiwei of the Investment Department and Ms. Luo Juan, Director of the Membership Department, delivered speeches.


They agreed that the two sides can support and help each other. And put the two sides have a common field of research in the development trend of the future of manufacturing in the future hopes the two sides to strengthen communication and information sharing, play their respective advantages, to create more opportunities for cooperation.

After the symposium, the leaders of our company led the visiting guests to visit the company’s corporate culture construction display area, office area, business school, archives and exhibition hall, and explained each work link and process of Donghua supply chain to the visiting guests. The visiting guests They expressed their admiration for the rapid development of Donghua Supply Chain Company.

▲Visit the corporate culture corridor

▲Visit the office area

▲Visit the exhibition room


Through in-depth exchanges throughout the morning, the Chamber of Commerce has deepened the understanding of our company, strengthened cooperation in industry resources and communication of industry information, and laid the foundation for substantial cooperation and exchanges between the two parties to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


To commemorate this friendly exchange, the leaders of Donghua Supply Chain took a group photo with the visiting guests! It is hoped that this will serve as a starting point to open a model of mutual consultation, sharing and joint construction, and promote the rapid development of the industry.

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