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Donghua Supply Chain Business School (Guangdong Ruidonghua Education Technology Co., Ltd.) is committed to cultivating high-end talents in the supply chain industry and leading the rapid growth of entrepreneurs and senior management teams. Through professional training courses, customized knowledge salons, thematic seminars and forums, and online education platforms, the business school can quickly improve the leadership, supply chain management wisdom and professional talents of students, thereby effectively promoting enterprises to learn and innovate the type of institution moving forward.
Donghua Supply Chain Business School has a supply chain subject research and case transformation center, training center, market brand planning center, operator management center, key customer service center, high-end clubs and other functional departments. There are more than 20 full-time trainers, nearly 50 domestic and foreign industry experts, more than 20 mature training programs, nearly 100 training courses, and an annual training capacity can reach to 100,000 person-times.

Practical mentors help companies grow
●20 full-time trainers
●Lecturers have both factory management practical experience and consulting experience in consulting companies
●Integrated 50 domestic and foreign industry experts
●Has developed more than 10 mature training programs and nearly 30 training courses
●Standardization and efficiency in the supply chain of internal enterprise, associate to train for risk and compliance, cost and profit, to escort the enterprise.
●At the training site, providing opportunities for face-to-face communication with expert consultants to solve difficult problems.




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