Introduction to Shenzhen Donghua Supply Chain

Introduction to Shenzhen Donghua Supply Chain

Shenzhen Donghua Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Donghua Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in third-party logistics (3PL), committed to providing enterprises with transportation, warehousing, inventory management, order management, information integration, Design logistics system , EDI capabilities, report management, cargo consolidation, selection of carriers , forwarders, customs agents, information management, warehousing, consulting, freight payment, freight negotiation and other one-stop services. The company outsources logistics activities that are not part of the core business. Give us, it can help companies reduce operating costs, strengthen supply chain management, and improve core competitiveness!

In 2020, when the global epidemic broke out, the mission was at a critical moment. Donghua gave full play to the advantages of domestic and foreign trade cooperation and actively sought industrial chain resources. At present, Donghua has established its own trading channel for mask production equipment and integrated electronics and medical care. There are more than 200 high-quality supplier resources in multiple industries and categories, such as home furnishings, machinery equipment, sports goods, maternal and child, jewelry, etc. There are nearly 100 suppliers of medical and epidemic prevention materials, and they can quickly match the resources of manufacturers.

We always adhere to the service concept of "improving logistics solutions for customers, controlling logistics costs and risks, and mutual benefit and win-win", and taking "global high-quality logistics resource integrators" as the development direction to provide customers with logistics professional consulting, logistics program design and Risk diagnosis, international shipping, air transportation, domestic transportation, logistics park logistics and other boutique services.



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