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The company has nearly 100 senior consultants and first-line operators, bringing together management consulting experts in various fields, such as trade logistics experts, customs declaration practice experts, customs management experts, AEO project counseling experts, human resources, production management, etc. Experts in the field. They have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields , and together they have created our professional and efficient service team.

Strong expert team of Donghua supply chain

Core members:

Han Bin 
Founder and Chairman of Donghua Supply Chain
Chief Consultant of Supply Chain Service Industry Risk Diagnosis
Customs affairs counseling consultant
National Registered Senior Management Consultant


She used her expertise and experience to build a supply chain management knowledge network for Canadian trade companies,  provided counseling and consulting for more than 200 manufacturing companies, and saved these companies nearly 980 million yuan in costs. Han has been in the supply chain industry for more than 20 years.  In the past 20 years, she has only focused on one thing, which is to help companies control risks, reduce costs, and increase net profits!

Jin Pengyuan
General Manager of Donghua Supply Chain
Chief Consultant of Supply Chain Management


He has 20 years of industry work experience and 15 years of factory management consulting experience. He has provided various improvement services for more than 300 factories in different fields andprovided risk diagnosis for many Fortune 500 companies including Hitachi and Fuji Xerox. And solutions,  accumulated as many as 2,000 program reports designed and written for enterprises, creating net profits of more than 230 million yuan for customers.

Deputy General Manager of

Donghua Supply Chain Co-founder of Donghua Supply Chain
Donghua Supply Chain Operations Director


15 years of experience in corporate customs management,familiar with the theoretical system and practical experience of customs management, proficient in customs project procedures, accurate project progress, serving many well-known companies, and over 300 factory import and export operations guidance experience.

A team of experts:

▲Lu Ming
he has 18 years of customs clearance industry experience, he 2 consecutive as the national outstanding customs clearance, with 400 + enterprise customs clearance practice experience, is China pre-classified division.

▲Yang Long
he has 15 years of consulting experience and consulting experience in more than 200 factories. He has provided guidance to Kyocera, Mitsubishi and other well-known enterprises.

▲Wei Fangyuan
He has 15 years of trade logistics consulting experience and 200 + Enterprise Trade Logistics hands-on experience, as well as more than 1 billion goods trade design experience.

▲Liu Wei
he has 10 years supply chain management experience and 6 years Aeo certification consulting experience, with more than 80 enterprise AEO certification consulting experience.

▲Zhang Yifeng
He has 15 years of practical experience in import and Export Logistics M listed companies in charge of supply chain management for many years, 50 import and Export Logistics Management Experience.

▲Chen Xinming
he has 15 years of consulting experience and over 150 factory manufacturing and quality improvement experience, as well as 80 factory human resources improvement counseling experience.

▲Cheng jun
He has 10 years experience in PMC/PURCHASING/WAREHOUSE and 5 years experience in material cost reduction consulting, with a total cost reduction of 50 million.

Donghua's supply chain has reached today one step at a time, and it has been 16 years. For sixteen years, we have been immersed in the supply chain industry,  constantly working hard, digging deep into the pain points, and doing our best to provide customers with the most competitive solutions and the highest quality services to help customers get out of trouble.
We open up all the links of the company's internal supply chain, from customs declaration and logistics at both ends, to the core of the supply chain of the manufacturing company:  procurement, warehouse, production, quality, and then to human resources and financial management. We focus on controlling risks, reducing costs, and standardizing Three dimensions are used to provide customers with diagnosis and solutions, forming our own unique consultant model, and establishing ourselves as the customer's corporate doctor, which can not only diagnose and solve intractable diseases, but also create net profits for customers.


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