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Donghua Business School,as a resource integration platform which aims at education and training. In order to take good care of the needs of customers, to introduced " Donghua Business School members' activities, to be business school members can enjoy the following benefits!
Privilege ◎
①30,000RMB to be membership, unconditional refund after two years .
②3,600 RMB study fee subsidy or 5 days and 4 nights study tour in Southeast Asia (choose one of the two) .
③69,800 RMB value coach leadership courses.
④Free public classes and training throughout the year.
⑤Member introduction fee for 1,000 RMB per people.

The offline courses of the Business School include: customs, business management, lean production, logistics and international trade. Business school members participate free of charge.

Some quality courses:

Past activities silhouette:

Join  the teaching and learning for free to make value To be a member to achieve your self value.
business school member consultation hotline: 0769-22898086.
+86 769-22898086


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