"Consultant Three-Step Method" obtained the copyright certif

2020-10-27 14:44

Recently, the work "Three Steps for Consultants" edited by Mr. Jin Pengyuan , general manager of Donghua Supply Chain Company , successfully passed the review of the China Copyright Protection Center and obtained the copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration (copyright registration number: Guo Zuo Deng Word-2020-L-01132259). 

"Consultant Three Steps" is a set of efficient and landing consulting techniques compiled by Mr. Jin Pengyuan, general manager of Donghua Supply Chain, based on the consulting service experience of 300 companies . From diagnosis, implementation to feedback, in-depth analysis, avoiding consultants The phenomenon of floating on the surface. Through our consulting technology, we can quickly help manufacturing companies reduce risks, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.


Jin Pengyuan

General Manager of Guangdong Donghua Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd.

17 years of factory management consulting experience

300 factories in different fields improve counseling experience

More than 1,000 different improvement plans are provided

by many companies currently engaged in consulting, and it is inevitable that many companies are mixed. In the process of manufacturing services , we found that many companies were not able to help companies very well because the consulting companies they had previously looked for, and even brought difficulties to companies. Good influence, so every time I hear about consulting companies, I mostly shy away from it. Some manufacturing industries later cooperated with us for various reasons, but fortunately received more recognition! Donghua Supply Chain has continued to provide multi-level consulting services for more than 500 companies.

The acquisition of this certificate indicates that Donghua Supply Chain has a deeper understanding of consulting services, and has reached a new level in supply chain management and consulting , and has further improved the company’s intellectual property protection system to give full play to the company’s The advantages of independent intellectual property rights promote the improvement of service levels and enhance the company's core competitiveness.

In the days to come,  Donghua Supply Chain will continue to be based on the principle of serving customers, adhering to the core value of helping customers reduce costs, reduce risks, and increase net profit, provide customers with first-class comprehensive services, based on supply chain service standards At the forefront of the industry, and lay a solid foundation for building industry service brands!


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