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2020-10-27 14:44

20 20 Nian Yue day Fenggang in Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment  , president of Tao Weihong , Executive Vice President and Secretary General HE Kong-sang , Executive Vice President and Deputy Secretary General He Qiwen , Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to build Ping, Executive Vice President and Chief financial Officer Liu Ya amount , as well as representatives of member companies a total of 16 people to come to my Secretary to visit the guidance .
I am chairman of the Division Ms. Han Bin, general manager of Mr. Jinpeng far, Deputy General Manager Ms. Li Lei, co-founder Mr. Hongbin , who warmly received the visiting guests, and for the inter-industry problems exhibition opened discussion exchange.

First of all, Mr. Jin Pengyuan , our general manager introduced the basic situation and main business of Donghua Supply Chain Company and introduced in detail the services and help our company can bring to the association. Donghua supply chain willing to open their own resources, with the Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment share resources, work together, the co-promoter of development.

▲Mr. Jin Pengyuan, General Manager of Donghua Supply Chain


Then , president of the Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment Fenggang Mr. Tao Weihong came to power sharing, he comes through today visited Donghua supply chain, to understand the Tung Wah Group of supply chain operations and future direction of development, he believes Donghua The supply chain is a good platform to help the manufacturing industry establish connections with domestic and foreign customers, and the business school of Donghua Supply Chain can give foreign companies a lot of help in course training .
He also said that swings in the international market epidemic, supply chains and shrinking demand, foreign trade enterprises are huge the impact it hopes to have more opportunities to further exchanges and cooperation with Donghua supply chain, seek opportunities to help foreign trade enterprises Break out.

▲Chairman Tao shared


Subsequently , Mr. Yu Jianping, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Municipal Association , took the stage to share. President Yu said that Donghua Supply Chain is in a good position to communicate with customs and enterprises, helping the manufacturing industry to clear a lot of confusion place, wish to have more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation, enhance learning, to pass on.

▲Chairman Yu shared


At the exchange meeting, Donghua Supply Chain Chairman Han Bin shared her entrepreneurial experience. President Han has been in the manufacturing industry for 24 years and founded Donghua for 16 years. She went from being a customs broker to founding Donghua customs brokerage company, and then from The customs declaration industry has entered the field of supply chain management consulting. President Han also shared her love goal: to control risks, reduce costs, and increase net profits for 10,000 manufacturing industries Hope that through Donghua's service, the manufacturing industry can operate with confidence.

Finally, Mr. Han also talked about what Donghua Supply Chain can do for the manufacturing industry. First: Provide free diagnosis to the company. Based on the diagnosis report, you can predict the health index of the company in advance and make more precise business judgments;

second: East Chinese business College can give employees free training customs, knowledge of business management, lean production, logistics and international trade , depth help businesses of all sizes and at different stages of rapid growth.
After the symposium, the leaders of our company led the visiting guests to visit the company’s corporate culture construction display area, office area, business school, archive room and exhibition hall, and explained each work link and process of Donghua supply chain to the visiting guests . The visiting guests They expressed their admiration for the rapid development of Donghua Supply Chain Company .

▲Visit the archive room

▲Visit the corporate culture corridor
Through in-depth exchanges throughout the afternoon, the direction and content of cooperation between the two parties were clarified, the awareness of cooperation was strengthened, and the foundation for substantive cooperation and exchanges between the two parties was established to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
To commemorate this friendly exchange, the leaders of Donghua Supply Chain took a group photo with the visiting guests! It is hoped that this will serve as a starting point to open a model of mutual consultation, sharing and joint construction, and promote the rapid development of the industry.

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