Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association Chang'an Branch

2021-08-05 10:45

On the afternoon of August 3rd, Mr. Geng Nailiang, Vice President and Secretary-General of Chang'an Branch of Dongguan Taiwanese Investment Enterprises Association  visited Donghua Supply Chain and awarded our chairman Ms. Han Bin "Dongguan Taiwanese Investment Enterprises Association Chang'an Branch" The letter of appointment for the 12th “Customs Affairs Consultant” has a term of 3 years. At the same time, our company is also a member of the Chang'an Branch of the Dongguan Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association!

Vice President Geng, on behalf of the Chang'an Branch of the Municipal Taiwan Business Association, congratulated our Chairman Han Bin on being hired as the Association's customs consultant.


After friendly talks the two sides, our general manager Mr. Jinpeng far, Nv, deputy general manager Li Lei Shi and special assistant to chairman Liu Shao Nvshi cloud led Geng, vice president visited the Tung Wah Group of supply chain corporate culture display area, office area, business The college, archives and exhibition hall, and explained each work link and process of Donghua supply chain.


Since joining the Chang'an Branch of the Dongguan Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association in January 2018, Donghua Supply Chain has been actively responding to various exchange meetings initiated by the association, and standardizing various processes within the enterprise with high standards. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, our company will strengthen the contact with the association, work together, and exchange what is needed!


The Division I Han Bin was appointed chairman of the customs consultant, is a fellow of the Association and Donghua supply chain integrity management in the industry, tempering the high degree of recognition of deep plowing, the coming days we will, as always, adhering to the "good faith compliance, professional The business philosophy of "standardized and attentive service" provides better customs advisory services for Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises in our city.

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