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2021-05-11 10:32

April 28, Dongguan City, Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Learning Seminar - "how companies achieve profits doubled in the self-diagnosis" was held in the East China Supply Chain Business School, Dongguan City, Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce, Jin Guangyao Secretary-General and the industry entrepreneurs together Participated in the study and discussion of this course.

Companies must manage compliance and cost control in order to develop more healthily and lastingly.

"How to Realize the Self-Diagnosis of Multiplying Profits for Enterprises" was lectured by Mr. Jin Pengyuan, general manager of Donghua Supply Chain . Mr. Jin has been engaged in business management consulting for 17 years and has provided risk diagnosis and solutions for many Fortune 500 companies. The company designs and writes more than 1,000 plans, and is a consulting expert who can help clients implement them. Mr.

Jin Pengyuan  ,

General Manager of Donghua Supply Chain,
Chief Consultant of Supply Chain Center,
National Registered Logistics Customs Officer,
17 years of management consulting experience,
300 factories in different fields, improvement service experience,
more than 1,000 corporate improvement plans and improvement report production experience, and
a patent of "Consultant Technology"


"Revenue-cost = profit", a company wants to pursue profit in two ways: one is to increase revenue, and the other is to reduce costs! The saint of business in Japan, Mr. Kazuo Inamori, once said that uncontrollable costs are lost profits!

In class, Mr. Jin shared three types of diagnosis cases. Thefirst type is human resources, the second type is material cost, and the third type is compliance risk.Through these three types of diagnosis examples, we can tell entrepreneurs how to pass the diagnosis. Help companies reduce costs and achieve profit growth.


●It was diagnosed for a company that the average monthly overtime pay reached 1.09 million yuan. After adjusting the organization and management of production management and manufacturing and improving the standard working hours and bottleneck procedures, it was reduced to 390,000 yuan in 7 months, saving 8.4 million yuan a year yuan;

●Diagnosed for a company that the new TPE plastic pellets are in the warehouse inventory enough for half a year, the company still buys materials every month, resulting in no inventory of 380,000 yuan, but the actual inventory amount is only 180,000 yuan. After 9 months of improvement , The amount of inventory of similar phenomena decreased by 1.4 million yuan;

●Diagnosed the risk of customs violation penalties for a factory of about 1.11 million yuan and customs taxation risk of about 2.8 million yuan. After 6 months of improvement, the risk of customs violation penalties was reduced to 220,000 yuan, and the amount of tax payment was reduced to 560,000 yuan. Yuan, and avoid enterprise downgrade.


Jin said that in a society where everyone is pursuing good quality and low prices, control production costs and improve production efficiency. Every penny saved can be converted into profit! For the management and control of business risks and costs, it is necessary to conduct professional diagnosis in a timely manner. Prevention is more than everything. The earlier the problem is found, the easier it is to solve, and the greater the scope of cost control.


After introducing the diagnosis examples, Mr. Jin described how the company builds a self-diagnosis system with double profits , mainly from the two aspects of diagnosis implementation strategy and diagnosis process and landing .

There are three strategies for diagnosis implementation, namely: precise data, focus on the scene, and dig into the root cause . Then Mr. Jin shared the idea of ​​enterprise diagnosis: clarify the purpose of the diagnosis → clarify the focus and main points of the diagnosis → set up the questionnaire → data information → diagnosis implementation → diagnosis feedback. Teacher Jin said: "Any Kungfu cultivation is not so easy, but if you follow the above methods, you will find that it is not difficult to build a self-diagnosis system suitable for your own factory! "

How does the diagnosis system land? Who will lead? How to implement it? How to write diagnostic feedback? How often will it be implemented? In class, we will analyze them one by one . From war strategy management to specific methods of operation, to help grasp the presence of entrepreneurs from the way I diagnosis, after leaving the classroom can also build their own self-diagnosis profit doubled off the system, to achieve the cost and profit control.


During the class, Mr. Jin had many interactions with the entrepreneurs present. More exchanges also made it easier for everyone to master the knowledge they learned. During the three hours in the afternoon, all entrepreneurs have gained a lot.


Dongguan Hunan Huarong Chamber of Commerce is a platform dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises develop and grow. Donghua Supply Chain has always maintained good contact with Huarong Chamber of Commerce. This cooperation is also a testimony to the strengthening of information sharing and communication between the two parties. I hope there will be more exchanges in the future. Cooperation opportunities, resource sharing, mutual benefit, and promote the rapid development of the industry.

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