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2021-03-08 09:08

Donghua supply chain relies on the comprehensive strength and deep foundation of the import and export supply chain industry for 15 years to provide you with professional import and export trade and international logistics agency services
Relying on our professional advantages, we keep an eye on the company’s trade safety and logistics management system, and discover management blind spots from a professional, objective and notarized standpoint , promptly correct and counsel, reduce costs, preventing and resolving risks in accordance with international AEO standards, customizing trade and logistics management systems for enterprises. Integrating upstream and downstream resources in the industry to ensure trade safety. Let the most competitive logistics providers serve for enterprises. Improving corporate trade and logistics compliance management and enhance their core competitiveness.

Choose Donghua Supply chain, because we have five major service advantages: 

core business one:  logistics consulting

◆Help companies review and optimize the existing logistics supply chain management, improving logistics management level, and promote trade safety.
◆Improve the efficiency of enterprise logistics operations and reduce logistics management costs.
◆Establish standard logistics operation procedures, and reduce error checking rate, and prevent and control logistics management risks.
◆ Review logistics costs, formulating and implementing cost reduction plans.
◆Help enterprises conduct risk and cost diagnosis of logistics management system, to establish and improve logistics management system.

2. Trade consultant

◆Help companies review relevant system processes such as overseas supplier management processes, overseas customer management processes, foreign contract review processes, letter of credit management measures, etc.
◆Help enterprises establish overseas supplier (customer) credit evaluation management methods and risk control procedures.
◆Help companies evaluate logistics costs under different trade terms and make judgments.
◆Help companies conduct trade compliance risk diagnosis and professional knowledge training, and establish trade cost diagnosis, and establish a trade compliance management system.

3. International logistics services

◆Combined with international trade terms and customers, helping customers plan safe, efficient and stable logistics plans in advance.
◆Provide customers with one-stop international logistics services, to handle international shipping, air transportation, land transportation, inspection declaration, warehousing and insurance affairs throughout the entire process, so that customers can flow feel relieved. 

◆The main logistics business can be divided into four parts (Sea Freight), Air Freight (Air Freight), Land Transport (Oeerland), and Contract Logistics (Contract).

4. International trade import and export agency

◆Accept clients' entrustment to sign purchase contracts with foreign suppliers, and act as an agent for clients to import instruments, equipment, photoelectric materials, red wine, food, etc.
◆Accept the entrustment of customers to sign foreign trade contracts with foreign customers, act as agents for importing and exporting instruments, equipment and other products, and handle export tax rebates for customers who meet the tax rebate conditions.
◆Accept customer entrustment and use the company's bank credit line to open letter of credit (L/C) to overseas suppliers for qualified customers, providing supply chain financial support for enterprises, and promote trade security.
◆Commodity code (HS COD) verification, logistics and customs clearance planning, trade compliance, risk avoidance and other important international trade and logistics links are all escorted by professional teams.


Donghua Supply Chain has focused on the industry for 20 years. After years of project operation and practice, we have provided many customers with high-quality import and export business management consulting services and related technical solutions, and have formed a partnership with long-term, stable, and mutual trust.
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